Myra decided that she was going to force feminize her husband and make him into her transvestite maid. But she also had other plans in store for her sweet sissy serving wench. She was going to cock train him and send him out as a maid for hire for other men to enjoy sexually as well. Could you take the shame and humiliation of being made to cross dress and become a submissive transvestite maid - with your own wife acting as your pimp?!
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"Myra liked to make her husband Harry cross dress and act as her sweet little transvestite maid. She was a few years older than him and was the naturally dominant one in their marriage. "I always wanted a cute little boy maid" she'd say "And I think you would look absolutely LOVELY as a domestic serving girl!" She would do his makeup, pick out his clothes and dress him every evening when he got home from work. Harry was a submissive man and pleasing his wife was what he wanted to do...even if it meant becoming her transvestite maid and all that entailed... "

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"She would watch him work around the kitchen, and as he cleaned, she would sit there with her strapon jutting from beneath her skirt like an erect cock thinking about all the shameful and sexually humiliating things she'd like to do to him. Myra was a sadist and making her husband into a transvestite maid was but one step in her plan for complete sexual control and domination of their marriage... "
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"Myra had one special thing in mind for her cross dressed husband - she wanted to dress him up and then pimp him out to rich men as a sissy servant whore! She was going to make money by making him satisfy them sexually and there was a nothing poor Harry could do about it. "Get down on your knees!" she'd demand as she grasped the strapon in her hand "Now suck this cock like a good little male whore should! I need you well trained for my clients!" Harry tried to struggle but she was pretty strong and he had to comply with his dominant wife's wishes.. "

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"Bend over that table and get your panties down!" Myra hissed as she hiked he husband's maid uniform up around his hips "I'm going to stretch your asshole good and hard so my well-hung friends can enjoy themselves!" Harry gasped as she splayed his ass cheeks and roughly positioned the strapon at the entrance to his anus. "Take it, bitch!" Myra sneered as she thrust the strapon deep into his clenching little butthole "Yeah! That's a good little transvestite maid! Let me hear you MOAN like a virgin on her wedding night! My male friends LOVE that!" Harry gasped as his wife started to ram the rubber cock in and out of his asshole, riding him like some raging prison stud. "Now MOAN!" Myra commanded "Tell mommy you LOVE getting bitch fucked!".... "
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"As his wife Myra rode his burning ass with her strapon, Harry was stunned at what his sex-crazed wife said next. "I've just got some cards printed up!" she told him "And they say transvestite maid for hire! Will cook, clean and suck cock on command! I want you to hand them out on the corner when I'm done fucking your ass here tonight! It's time you got out and earned the rent!" Harry was in tears, could his wife possibly be serious? But when she had finished violating him and dropped his skirt back down, she handed him a stack of cards! "Now get out there!" she demanded "And get at least three clients before you come back!" Harry pulled up his pretty pink panties and took the cards from his smiling wife. "Yes, dear" he said softly "I will". Myra patted him on the back as he went out the door. "Good girl" she said softly "You'll see being a transvestite maid pays well and then you can afford all the pretty panties and dresses you want!"
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