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"I first started cross dressing when I was in junior high school. I was having a hot gay love affair with an older man that worked at the school and he liked for me to dress like a cheerleader and suck him off. It was pretty hot. Then I started getting into goth music and fashion and going out to goth clubs at night. Lots of the kids there were into experimenting sexually and being bisexual, so I fit right in. We used to have transvestite parties on the weekends at some of the kids houses and all the studs would see who could bring the sexiest boy in a dress to the party. We even had a little club called "The sissy sex sisters" and would go to parties as a group and get it on with each other while all the straight kids gasped and pointed. Of course, later on, many of those same guys wanted my number, hehe.. "

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"When I was a senior, I met a guy at a goth club who said he could get me lots of money going on "dates" with rich and powerful men who loved boy transvestites. He said they would buy me things and take me on all sorts of trips around the world. It sounded kinda kinky, but I said no. I'm not into being some rich old guy's boy toy for money. Don't get me wrong, I love older men, it's just I'm not a boy whore - I'm just a boy who likes to wear dresses and look pretty...oh, and have LOTS of hot gay and bisexual sex! LOL! I'll be the first to admit I love a big cock and the more the better, right?... "
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Like My New Go Go Girl Boots?

"These are like my all time favorite pair of black go go girl boots! I bought them for a goth club party my friends were having (yep, all pretty cross dressing boys, hehe) and wanted to make a splash. I sure did! I wore a short skirt with a little black thong, a black silk top and the biggest wig I could find. I looked HOT! I can't tell you how many phone numbers I got from married men that night, but I was swarmed with offers of many sweet cocks to suck and fuck. And I did a few of them in the VIP room of the club too! Did you know lots of married guys have transvestite girlfriends on the side that their wives don't know about?... "

I Want A Big Cock In My Ass!

"I'm dreaming of having a boyfriend with a huge cock who loves to throw me down on the bed, yank my panties off and fuck my ass good and hard with his big dick! I'd moan and make the sweetest noises for him in bed too! I once dated a big black football player who used to fuck me all night long but sadly, it ended because some of his teammates found out that he was fucking a goth boy transvestite and were going to out him. The bastards! Just because a big stud likes to fuck boys in dresses doesn't mean he should be shamed about it, right? I do so miss his big black cock pumping in and out of my ass though, he was a real stud!... "
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Transvestite Boy Hardcore HERE

goth boy transvestite picture
Transvestite Boy Hardcore HERE

I Often Don't Wear Panties!

"Just like a lot of sweet slutty girls I know at the clubs, I often don't wear panties! Many of my boyfriends like to be able to reach down and run their hands up my skirt to play with my cock when we're out on the town. I've had some pretty incredible blowjobs in the back of limos too - and of course I've given LOTS of hot blowjobs to studs in the back of limos too, hehe. I really like it when my date raises my skirt in the back of some dark goth sex club and fucks me like a bitch. I must be a bit of an exhibitionist because I really get off when I see other men watching me get fucked like a sissy slut by some raging stud in public. Maybe I should be a cross dressing porn star, hmmm?"

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